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We use our proprietary MVP formula (Most Valuable Proposition) to position black and brown professionals as assets that make an impact to their industries and company’s bottom lines. Through our coaching and rebranding services, professionals understand how to effectively articulate their value for promotions, new job opportunities, and equitable increases in compensation.


Being black in America is hard enough, so our objective is to give professionals the blueprint to strategically navigate predominately white spaces to advance in their careers. We design and facilitate training, coaching, and professional development programs that help organizations and individuals develop and refine their professional capabilities and potential.

Black Female Professional Sari

are you ready?

For us, it’s simple—helping black and brown professionals move into higher paying positions to reduce the racial wage gap, which then helps families reduce the racial wealth gap. The more money we have in our households, the more likely we can establish wealth through additional revenue streams. In order to secure higher paying roles, you need to understand how to articulate your value and position yourself as an asset in your industry/company.


That’s what we’re here to do! Only select “Get Started” if you’re truly ready for change because we’re all about results. We do not play when it comes to people’s careers--- for most of us, that’s our livelihood. Come ready, or don’t come at all!

DeAnnah Stinson Reese

Successfully helped over 3,100+ professionals to secure high level roles and increase their salary by upwards of over $130,000!





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