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For us, it’s simple—helping black and brown professionals move into higher paying positions to reduce the racial wage gap which then helps families reduce the racial wealth gap. The more money we have in our households the more likely we can establish wealth through additional revenue streams. In order to secure higher paying roles, you need to understand how to articulate your value and position yourself as an asset in your industry/company. That’s what we’re here to do!

Black Male Professional

"Intelligent, creative, relatable, and compelling. These are some of the words that come to mind when I had my first consultation with DeAnnah. She's able to give practical advice while making you laugh at some of your mistakes. She's brilliant and genuinely cares about what she does. She demonstrates her value through her actions and strategies, and this is what I appreciate about her. I look forward to my next consultation call with her. DeAnnah is and will be a critical component to my success as a business owner."

-Muhammed Sokhna, CPRW, CCEP




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