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strategic coaching

Private coaching to increase clarity and confidence to execute your career goals. The Operation Get Unstuck: Black Career Elevation Coaching Program is perfect to launch you to the next level in your career. DeAnnah is very intentional and selective about the clients she works with in this program.

strategic coaching programs

why choose you?

Did you know that if you increase your earnings today, it will increase your retirement, ability to spend time with family, mental health... and so much more.

It is time you choose you! 



"I just wanted to reach out to you and share a recent "WIN" I had, and to thank you for always pushing me to reach for the stars. I was recently offered a 100% remote Talent Acquisition role, compensating $99k base with an annual bonus. Keep in mind, I was only targeting $80k. I am so thankful for your help with my resume. Especially your after hour coaching sessions." E3 Client




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