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Join the 1000's of professionals that are taking control of their careers and finances to move into roles that paying what they are really deserve and get them into the careers they've desired for YEARS.

it is time to get

DeAnnah Stinson Reese- Operation Get Unstuck

career elevation program

Are overworked and underpaid highly talented, but struggling to get into the role that aligns most with their talents? Believe in prioritizing yourself?  Are serious about upgrading your lifestyle? Action-oriented?  Attack life, instead of always being reactive? 

  • Access to group session recordings

  • Personalized workbook


  • Weekly emails with personalized job openings and recommendations from E3 Corporate Partners

  • Collaboration and networking with like-minded black professionals

  • Access to our network of leaders at top companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and Raytheon Technologies.... AND MORE

DeAnnah Stinson Reese- Black Career Elevation Program
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