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E3 leadership academy :

career growth and DEI tutorials

Whether you are a jobseeker looking to position yourself for higher paying roles, a professional tired of being overlooked and undervalued in your current role, or a professional looking to make a career change-- we have the juice for you in our easy-to-follow tutorials with strategies and tools you can begin implementing immediately! 


If you're a leader in corporate America responsible for driving DEI within your organization or simply wanting to better equip yourself with education, strategies, and tools to show up an inclusive and impactful leader-- we have something just right for you! We understand DEI impact is a marathon and our digital learning library will equip you at the early phases of your journey. 

Career Tutorials-E3

why are career tutorials perfect?

 Racial pay differences ARE REAL! But after you apply these strategies in the tutorials-- that's going to be a thing of the past for YOU! We are leveling up, and we are not waiting until the new year to do it. If you know you're underpaid and undervalued-- I'm talking to you! So stop reading and lets get started! And the best part, is you have these videos for LIFE! You will get access to hundreds of hours of DEI and career knowledge that you can learn at your own PACE, TIME, LOCATION. No more logging in at a specific time, or going to a live event. 

The time is now to improve your career trajectory. 

DeAnnah Stinson Reese- Career Tutorials





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