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Applications are closed. Please email info@e3-proservices.com to request for your name to be added to the waitlist for 2023. 

For those accepted into the program, please use the button below to pay in full or set up your payment plan.

MAX 10 participants 


How long are you going to make excuses for staying in that role that you’ve outgrown and that you’re underpaid for? 

How long are you going to keep leaving $10,000+ on the table when it comes to acquiring a new role? 

Better yet, how long are you going to keep sitting on that idea you’ve had to really use your talents and generate your own stream of income? 

At this point, there’s no excuse to not have the income you want, freedom you want, and lifestyle you want because the resources are plentiful and the labor market is in favor of job candidates when it comes to negotiating for what you deserve. 


Because I value my time, I’m only providing coaching services once a year– RIGHT NOW, through this program!  


I am only accepting 10 applicants to work 1:1 with me for 4 weeks in transforming your career trajectory from “stuck” to “unstuck and PAID”. At the end of the 4 week intensives, the E3 Team will work with you to apply concepts learned through the end of the calendar year. 


This program for black professionals who

  • Are overworked and underpaid

  • Highly talented but struggling to get into the role that aligns most with their talents

  • Believes in prioritizing themselves 

  • Are serious about upgrading their lifestyle

  • Action-oriented 

  • Attack life, instead of always being reactive

This program is not for professionals who are: 

  • Tired of their job but unsure if they are ready to make a change 

  • Master procrastinators 

  • Comfortable staying in their comfort zone

  • Just looking for a resume rebrand 

  • Unclear on the benefits of prioritizing yourself 


Annual Black Career Elevation Program