For Professionals: E3 designs and facilitates training, coaching, and professional development programs that help organizations and individuals develop and refine their professional capabilities and potential.


  • We successfully consulted 500+ professionals over the years to secure high level roles and increase their salary.


  • Clients see a 40% salary increase often ranging from $15,000-$20,000K at minimum. 


For Companies: Our approach allows for organizations to become change masters who encourage innovative thought and behavior as well as set the right vision for teams, departments and employees. Clients learn how to plan for a successful future and align their team to achieve heightened performance and increased bottom-line results. Our results yield more retention of under-represented employees, equitable support systems/programs for employees, and an overall improved company culture that embodies diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Through an understanding of unconscious bias, white privilege, and racial biases both in the workplace and throughout America, E3 Professional Services partners with leaders and professionals to understand strategies to deconstruct inequitable systems within their organization. While marginalized groups appreciate and need allies, we take special focus to help those interested, in becoming allies – actively taking steps necessary to move the needle on racial equity. E3 applies the cognitive behavior model with social psychology when facilitating our workshops. We couple that with the history of racism and current events to create a robust, thought-provoking experience for our learners. The objective is to ensure participants can reflect on their own experiences and walk away with tangible strategies to make effective change within the workplace and in their personal lives. 


Topics We Cover:

  • Understanding Equity vs Equality

  • Understanding Biases in the Workplace 

  • Becoming an Accomplice vs Ally

  • Race at Work 

  • Cross-Cultural Communication at Work (Understanding Biases from a Global Lens)

  • Custom workshops surrounding race, equity, and privilege 


DeAnnah Stinson Reese is CEO and Principal Consultant for Educate, Equip, and Empower Professional Services. DeAnnah has 10+ years of experience working with professionals to secure leadership positions and helping companies to create more diverse, equitable work spaces.


In 2017, DeAnnah launched her business after being dissatisfied in her own career and realizing there was a bigger impact she could make. Using her expertise in hiring and retention efforts, she has been able to change how underrepresented groups advance their careers. DeAnnah takes a special interest in working with minority women to help move them into senior level/VP/C-Suite roles as there is a huge disparity in minority women presence in these levels of leadership. 

DeAnnah is a member of the Forbes Coaching Council and featured numerous times with Women Exceeding, LinkedIn, and Boss Up Magazine. She has been a guest on various podcasts and shows including HR Answers and The Executive Innovation Show. To date, she has helped over 500+ professionals with their career.

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